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Background & Testimonials

Learn more about Renae's background and prior experiences teaching.

Tanya M, Parent

"I was lucky enough to meet Renae through a mutual friend in January 2022.  To say that Renae saved our school year is an understatement.  My daughter came to Renae feeling lost, questioning her worth and struggling with confidence.  Renae helped change all of that and taught my daughter for the remainder of her sixth grade year from January to June 2022.   Renae is simply a one-of-a-kind teacher.  Her teaching style lets learners at any age learn in a relaxed and fun environment.  She has an amazing sense of humor that not only her students love but parents too.  Renae is a planner, always looking ahead and well organized.  She is an excellent communicator who always informed us parents of special events and field trips that were coming up.  I always knew what was being taught in the classroom because Renae would send out weekly re-caps on each subject and include highlights from the week.   My daughter felt heard, supported and valued with Renae.  She adores Renae and so do I.  Renae is a gem!"

Amy W, Parent

"My son immediately connected with Miss Renae with her down to earth approach to teaching.  Renae was able to keep my very active son engaged by hands-on learning with math and reading. She engaged my son with his interests and incorporated it in with his learning.  My son loves History and Renae would also read and ask questions to keep my son on task with his comprehension skills. Renae also gave me the tools to use in fun math games to help my son learn from home as well.  She understood that playing with my son's interests like Lego math games or multiplication on popsicle sticks didn't seem like "work" to my son, we were playing a fun game in his eyes.  As a parent, I appreciate her thoughtfulness in communicating with me and using her tips at home helped push my son even further in his math and reading skills."

Kedar W, Teacher

"We were both hired to teach kindergarten at the Peabody School in Cambridge, MA. As new employees to the district, we quickly began a relationship trying to navigate the policies and intricacies of the district. As a brand new teacher out of graduate school, I looked to Renae as a more veteran teacher who I admired from our prior interactions. We had many conversations in which we collaborated, questioned, and explored curriculum. Over the next four years, Renae and I developed a strong collaboration through class activities, professional development, sharing materials, sharing ideas, and discussing how to navigate working with families. I still have materials (songs, books, lessons, activities) from Renae which I use to this day."

Sally P, Parent

"Renae taught both of my daughters when they were in kindergarten. My daughters are now high school students, but they still remember Mrs. Kovach as their favorite teacher. From my perspective as a parent, Renae was the best teacher my children had in elementary school. My children have very different personalities and learning styles and Renae immediately connected with each of them and made them feel seen. I have noticed over the years that my children’s favorite teachers, no matter the age of the students, know how to find the balance between pushing a student to reach their potential while simultaneously providing support. Renae brings a perfect balance of structure and warmth to her students. She has a great sense of humor and a no nonsense attitude that are supported by a foundation of kindness. Her classroom management skills in a diverse, urban public school were extraordinary and contributed to students in her class feeling safe and loved. Renae was also excellent at communicating with parents. She knew and understood my children, and I always felt like I knew what was happening with their learning."

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