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Pear Tree Hill Learning Center Bio

Meet the teacher

Renae is the principal educator for Pear Tree Hill Learning Center. She attended the Mabel I Wilson school in Cumberland, Maine, and graduated from Greely High School. While studying Psychology at the University of New Hampshire, Renae began working at a private school part-time. After completing her undergraduate studies at UNH, she moved to Manhattan where she began her career at her first teaching job. She taught adult learners at a vocational school to become certified aides for childcare facilities. She taught child development, basic child needs, and first aid. This work teaching adult learners inspired Renae to return to graduate school for education. She graduated from Lesley University, in Cambridge, MA with her Masters in Early Childhood Education.
Since then, Renae has taught at several schools: she taught First Grade for one year, and Kindergarten for eight years. Over the first phase of her career, she honed her skills for developing differentiated learning plans as she navigated classrooms that included children with special needs, Individual Education Plans, English Language Learners, while also becoming a district Math Coach for her school. Renae and her husband moved from Boston to Maine after they started their family to be closer to family and have been a part of the community since.
Renae is a mother to a third grader and a fifth grader.  She has volunteered in the classroom (pre-COVID) and is licensed as an Early Childhood Educator with the State of Maine. In 2020, in response to COVID classroom closures, Renae launched Pear Tree Hill Learning Center as an online tutoring service to supplement the virtual schooling so many families struggled with. More recently Renae served as the head teacher to a multi-age pod of seven students for the 2021-2022 school year. With students heading back to the classroom for the 2022-2023 school year, Renae is focusing her efforts on personalized tutoring to help young learners with in-person, customized tutoring sessions.
Renae founded the Pear Tree Hill Learning Center because she believes children at a young age should learn through play and hands on interactive lessons that are engaging and fun!  Children are natural Scientists because they are so curious.  Integrating science and nature into learning is beneficial because children are inquisitive. The pandemic and distance learning have presented challenges to allowing children to find more holistic lessons based in play-based learning. She is inspired to help you and your child find the joy and wonder in learning.
Pear Tree Hill Learning Center was founded because Renae believes she can help families grow together. Please contact her if you are curious, feeling overwhelmed, or would like more information.

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